Morado Opal/Violet Flame – High Quality, MB Designed


This stunning pure energy healing Morado Opal/Violet Flame  crystal has worked alongside me and now holds the power to restore deep feelings of optimism, joy and a peaceful flow into your life.

Once on or around you, you will feel the positive changes as you grow stronger in allowing yourself to fully focus on your inner path and healing. This crystal carries a peaceful vibration that helps you to appreciate your life path more and to live more in the moment. You let go of any feelings of guilt as your understanding of the importance of your own self-care and self-worth deepens.  You do not feel drawn into the chaos or drama around you, as you feel grounded by this Crystal’s vibration bringing a sense of calm, optimism and a feeling that all is well, that everything is going to be okay.

A powerful Crystal for Empaths and those who are on a spiritual path to work with. This is a crystal that brings a deep sense of peace and calm into your life.

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