Moldavite & Clear Quartz – High Quality


This stunning pure energy healing working crystal has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to clear negative energies from within and around your body. This crystal combination is perfect for cleansing the cobwebs of your mind, heart and soul. Once around you, your focus heightens and your intuitive side flows, your inner light shines brighter each day and any doubts and negative thoughts will disappear. This amazing energy crystal will help you walk through life with a new sense of peace and happiness. This crystal helps with anxiety, stress, frustration and emotional suffering. This crystal helps heal strokes, anxiety disorders, dementia help unblock the pain of your childhood, heals deep trauma, this Crystal works amazingly fast for creating a positive flow, helping you see clearly towards your powerful path. Helps you connect to your family and children and pets in our Spirit world. Moldavite with Clear Quartz will protect you from negative people and dark dirty energies.

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