Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass & Tektite – High Quality


This stunning pure energy healing crystal Trinity Pendant has three Tektites that are out of this world in energy. Transformational, extra-terrestrial and with a powerful energy to connect with our spirit realms and so much more.

The combination of Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass and Tektite, brings a high vibration into your Aura and is perfect for deep breathe work, mantra and meditation. Wearing this pendant prevents attack from dark, demonic or any entities, attachments and trapped Spirits. Your healing work strengthens, as does your intuition, on levels that are difficult to explain.

Each of these crystals holds a powerful vibration to protect against lower energies that you come in contact with, whether from other people or within the surrounding environment. Tektite holds the power to absorb dark and negative energies from the body and aura, while Moldavite holds the energy of awakening and psychic intuition. Libyan Desert Glass holds the healing memory to protect your aura field, strengthen your awareness and bring clarity & acceptance into your life.

This crystal trinity absorbs negative energies and protects you from negative people and negative thoughts. A deep calm and balanced approach is something that occurs what you wear this pendant.

This is indeed a powerful Trio pendant for powerful cleansing, strengthening, protection, psychic, spiritual and intuitive awakening crystal combination.

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