Moldavite & Tektite – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


My Moldavite and Tektite pendant is a potent combination of out of this world crystals. Moldavite and Tektite crystals hold a powerful vibration to protect against lower energies that you come in contact with whether from other people or environment.

Tektite holds the power to absorb dark and negative energies from the body and aura, while Moldavite holds the energy of awakening and psychic intuition. Wearing this crystal will strengthen your inner power and help you gain control of your emotions. You will grow stronger in spirit and be able to rise above any situation. Together Moldavite and Tektite are extraordinary crystals to connecting with extra-terrestrial; activating chakras; heightening your own healing ability; providing clarity; protection against psychic attacks.

You might experience various sensations as you wear or hold the crystal. Whatever the feelings are trust that healing is taking place.

This beautiful pendant is a pure energy healing working crystal. It has been charged and worked with me for many hours. After years of working with crystals and pure energy healing, I have combined Moldavite and Tektite into a pendant to create the most powerful cleansing, protection, psychic, spiritual and intuitive awakening crystal combination.

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