Moldavite Trio, Earrings **Special Offer** – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


These stunning pure energy healing working Moldavite Trio earrings have worked alongside Mark and each now holds the healing memory to clear deep blockages, heavy, dirty and even dark energies from within your body and also around your outer life force.
Once the combination of Moldavite, Tektite and Herkimer Diamond crystals are around you, your energy grows stronger each day, your awareness and intuition begin to heighten. Spiritual, psychic and healing abilities will strengthen.
This powerful trio awakens each power point and Chakra. With a most beautiful energy flow, you will see life as much more positive and your negative thoughts become less stressful, inner peace and happiness will become more frequent.
This stunning pure energy healing trio is the most rewarding energy and if you are working as a Practitioner, healer, self-help guide, working with the public, or if your life is extremely challenging with your family then this pendant is perfect for you.
If your spiritual path has frozen and you are in need of new energy, a new sense of connection, or if you are interested in learning new spiritual development skills such as Astral travel and other high vibration work with spirit or connecting with other realms, then this crystal is ideal.
Enjoy this extraordinary and powerful combination of Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond and Tektite, created by Mark Bajerski and his knowledge on crystals of over 16 years of working in the field of psychic experience.

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