Moss Agate – High Quality


This stunning Moss Agate pure energy healing working crystal  has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to clear negative blocks from your body.

Wearing Moss Agate, heightens your awareness and you will begin to focus on your healing journey. This Crystal helps you to find your balance to address physical pains and issues in the body, and to help you heal from emotional suffering.
Moss Agate blasts a healing wave of intense pure energy that strengthens your immune system, your mind and spirit, bringing deeper peace and flow into your day to day life.
Moss Agate supports the physical body with issues such as water retention, clearing toxins, Mold and Lyme disease.
A powerful crystal for use in Meditation, Moss Agate supports your intention to heal from pain and suffering of the past and to move forward feeling stronger in mind, body and spirit.

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