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This stunning Mystic Topaz Healing Crystal have worked alongside me and each now holds pure energy healing to open any closed heart. Once around you, its energy blasts waves of deep, healing love and you will feel ready to begin to create a new and happier you.

Mystic Topaz works on the Third Eye, Crown and Heart Chakras and also, powerfully, on the Solar Plexus. A Crystal of freedom, it holds powerful energies that boost feelings of happiness, joy, and inner peace. It helps you to move forward from traumas of the past and to face life challenges with a deeper understanding of new possibilities, and that nothing can stop you or hold you back.  An amazing crystal to work with on your spiritual journey, you start to trust that you are on the right path and going in the right direction.

Mystic Topaz is an ideal crystal for young people and teenagers as it builds confidence and self-worth. A great crystal for writers and creatives when it is combined with Sunstone crystal, as this combination removes any blocks and allows for an easy flow and channelling of your creativity.

Mystic Topaz is a great working crystal for both psychics and healers and is a crystal that I find I’m drawn to work with regularly. Even wearing this Crystal has the wonderful effect of helping others who are around you, as its powerful energy uplifts and heals. Also great for Astral Travel and meditation.

Physically, it helps with issues of the lungs, heart, chest and abdomen.

Mystic Topaz is an amazing Crystal that is magical for the soul and elevates your intuition.  It emits a most beautiful energy that promotes inner peace and changes your experiences in life from heavy and challenging times towards freedom and happiness.

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