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Negative Energy Cleanse & Protection Kit includes:

  • 1 x bottle Agua de Florida
  • 1 x Tektite Holding Crystal
  • 1 x Gabbro Holding Crystal
  • 1 x Pure Energy Cleansing Oil
  • 1 x Sacred Water Mist Spray
  • 1 x Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Incense Sticks
  • 1 x bag of Burning Sage

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Mark’s ‘Negative Energy Cleanse & Protection Kit’ includes powerful crystals and tools that keep your energy high and your vibration protected, particularly from anyone around you who is carrying any heavy, negative energies.
Ideal also if you work in a heavily toxic environment (chemical, biological, emotional, mental). This is a perfect combination kit that will strengthen your life force and keep you feeling grounded throughout your day.

‘Negative Energy Cleanse & Protection Kit’ product information:
Gabbro Holding Crystal: This beautiful pure energy healing working Gabbro Holding Crystal is a powerful strengthening stone. It helps you become more aware and attuned to the environment around you, helping you to feel grounded during moments of challenge. Gabbro is a wonderful crystal to help you along your journey as it elevates your mood to feeling positivity and optimism. If you are stuck in a place of not really knowing where you’re going, what you are doing in life; Gabbro will open the doorways to bring in new beginnings and beautiful, magical experiences. 

Tektite Holding Crystal:This stunning, pure energy healing Tektite Holding Crystal has worked alongside me and it holds the power to absorb any dark and negative energy from in and around you. Tektite holds a powerful protection against people you come into contact with each day and your inner flame will grow stronger. You will feel different sensations of healing and your body and spirit will awaken. Worries and fears simply burn away and you will begin to be in control of your beautiful life’s journey so that you can enjoy your path to inner peace and happiness.

Sacred Mist: (Normally only available at Sacred Mist is a collection of Sacred & Blessed Waters from the Sacred Sites from around the world. Collected by several generations of Healers including Mark Bajerski and Lella Satie.

Sage: The most powerful healing, cleansing herb. Scientifically proven to be anti bacterial.  Powerful protection and energy cleanser of low vibration, negative spirits, toxic people and much more than could be put into words.

Aqua De Florida:  This beautiful and powerful shamanic water is used to cleanse the aura, and heighten the vibration of the energy, spirit and heart vibration.

Pure Energy Cleansing Oil: *Mark Bajerski’s Cleansing oil is a powerful oil that clears away negative energy from around and within your body. By simply placing a few drops on your finger tips and gently massaging it onto your lower back you will feel the relief of heavy and dirty energy we all hold from time to time. Placing it onto your temples and gently massaging you will release worry and fear energy that causes stress and physical issues. Placing a few drops onto your stomach and gently massaging will clear away the emotional stress that sits in the stomach. Placing a drop on your shoulders, you will clear away the burden of heavy work load. And finally, placing a few drops onto your heart and gently massaging you will clear away the pain and suffering of painful and emotional issues of the heart and love. This Oil is a very powerful protection oil, if you are ever in a negative situation then this is the perfect time to use it.

Click here for further information on Oil contents.

Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Incense Sticks: The main ingredients, Palo Santo & Wiraqoya, are known throughout the land as medicines for cleansing dark energies and to purify the whole of your Spiritual core and Chakras. Clearing our energy field and leaving us free from anything negative that could at times sit and lay dormant and that, over time, can create physical and emotional unbalance. The sticks are made by local natives in Southern Peru and, we are proud to say, are a Fair Trade project with people receiving a living wage & working in a co-operative environment.
The Palo Santo & Wiraqoya have been used for thousands of years to promote spiritual & physical health. They are both native to the Andes Mountains.

At the Pure Energy Healing Academy, Mark Bajerski, renowned international healer, works on each box of these incense sticks for one hour of Pure Energy healing to intensify their energy as one of the most powerful cleansing sticks available today.

Works to Clear:
Emotional trauma
Psychic Attacks
Depressive Thoughts
Negative energy in any room
Heavy energies occurred by illness
Past dark energies
Negative Energy stuck in your Prana

Additional Benefits:
Uplifts your Energy
Brings balance back into your Prana
Amazing connection for meditation
Perfect when preparing yoga classes
A Healers perfect cleansing stick

Recommended for working Psychics, Healers and those in alternative therapies, Tarot Readers, Angel Card Readers, Mediums, Channelers, Psychic Writers.

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