**NEW Special Offer – 3 x Rhodochrosite Petite Pendants**- Handpicked & Channeled by Mark Bajerski- DHL Express Delivery, Limited Collection


In this wonderful,  Special Offer, Mark Bajerski has brought together a limited number of sets to include 3 powerful and unique, Rhodochrosite Petite Pendants.
An ideal set for you or you may choose to offer a pendant from this set as a gift to a special friend or loved one, or to any beautiful soul you feel could use a helping hand or gift of kindness shown to him or her.

The 3 x Rhodochrosite Set includes:

  • 3 x high-quality Rhodochrosite Petite Pendants that have been lovingly worked on and carefully selected as part of each set by Mark Bajerski. Your set will include 3 x Rhodochrosite petite pendants similar to what is shown in the image.
  • Express DHL Shipping is included (*excludes any Customs Fees that may apply)

Each Rhodochrosite Crystal pendant in this set has been worked on by Mark Bajerski and holds the healing memory to help purify your body both physically and spiritually. Rhodochrosite heals the heart and helps you to feel inner peace and calm.

Once around you, your whole body begins to let go of negative emotions and starts to cleanse away any toxins. This is a wonderful crystal to help anyone move from darkness to lightness and is a powerful protection against negative people.

Rhodochrosite is a wonderful healing crystal for the liver, kidney and any type of stomach disease. This is a powerful blood purifying crystal.

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