Pietersite (Large) – High Quality


This stunning pure energy healing working Pietersite pendant has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to bring clarity and balance in times when you feel all around you is in chaos. It helps you to stand in your own truth, to feel confident and to believe in yourself.

Once around you, your intuitive side flows and your channelling becomes stronger each day. Your psychic awareness heightens and the signs will appear. This crystal helps you to connect with your family, your pets and loved ones in the Spirit world. Your healing path and your grief melts away to reveal a beautiful new path of connection and happiness.

Pietersite has a high vibration energy that brings peace and happiness into your day. Great to use in meditation as it helps with both activating the lower chakras for grounding and also the Third Eye for spiritual awakening.

On the physical, great for support with stomach issues, IBS, easing and releasing discomfort.

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