Powerful Healing & Spiritual Tools by Mark Bajerski – Limited Stock – Christmas Special Offer to 25th December, includes DHL Shipping


This incredible collection of healing tools has been personally selected by Mark Bajerski and replicates many of the healing, cleansing and awakening tools Mark has used on his own spiritual journey over twenty years.  Devoted to his work as a Pure Energy Healer, Mark has travelled worldwide helping those in need on a physical, mental and spiritual level with profound results.  He also worked successfully with these tools within many buildings – homes, offices, business premises – that were in need of deep cleansing and clearing of heavy energies.

Everything contained in this box is a collection of two decades of shamanic and energy healing tools that Mark has personally worked with for all aspects of cleansing, clearing, healing and connection with Spirit.  This is Mark’s most powerful Tool Kit and is recommended to all Pure Energy Healers and also highly recommended to anyone who is guided by Spirit to walk this path of love, support, healing and kindness.
This Healing Collection is limited in stock and this incredible offer price will last up to December 25th (or while stocks last).
Please read description below for full list of contents. You can also follow Mark’s Video where he speaks about this beautiful, magical collection that he has created for you!
Includes complimentary DHL Shipping (excludes any customs fees that may apply).

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