Pure Energy Oil, 3 x 15ml – Energising (Dropper Bottle)


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Energising Oil is a rare and special oil inspired by a powerful channelled message from spirit. From pure hearts of powerful healers, guided by spirit -this blend of essential oils is one of the most potent concentration of pure energising vibration. Energising Oil has been blessed with the power of love; pure energy healing crystals; energy channelled by pure energy healers; sacred sound vibration of crystal singing bowls; love and guidance from the spirit world.

This extraordinary oil is highly potent and should be used in small amounts. It can assist with raising your energy levels, clearing negative thoughts and heavy burdens from the mind, brining focus and clarity. The oil helps with feeling joyful, more creative and aware. It also creates an energy of balance and grounding. It is a perfect oil for alertness, studying, writing, creativity and focused concentration.

Energising Oil helps you hear your heart and not the mind. It  triggers new awareness that allows you to move forward, let go of stressful situation, trust in self and flow into a beautiful new future moment by moment.

This beautiful oil creates instant heightened energy, wakefulness and alertness to help raise your energy levels and elevate your spirit. Your heightened awareness will allow you to recognise the signs and inner voice given to you daily.

Energising Oil will keep you alert and aware and allow you to be present. It will help you stay grounded in situations that cause you stress and unbalance.

Energising Oil brings calming and soothing energy in a stressful job to help you feel more balanced and empowered. It helps you feel on top of your work throughout the day, and is great for professionals who work with the public: healing practitioners, massage therapists, instructors, teachers.

Energising Oil is amazing for calmness and balance for children with OCD.

Energising Oil is perfect for women during the premenstrual cycle as it lifts energy levels and heightens one’s focus.


Place 3 drops on your palm, rub your hands together and cup them to inhale the beautiful and powerful aroma of the oil. Rub onto the heart chakra, temples, behind the ears, back of your neck, on your wrists and feet. Mix it with a non scented carrier oil for a powerful healing massage. A perfect oil to start your day or stay alert and awake.

Set of 3 x 15ml Pure Energy Natural Oil – Energising (Dropper Bottle)

Please Note:

Grape Seed Oil is the base oil used in ALL  Spiritual Healing Oils. Energy Oil contains blends of Citrus Oils, Palo Santo, Sage, Frankincense. Click here for further information on Oil contents.

The Abundance, Healing and Cleansing Oils all contain Almond Oil.

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