Pure Energy Oil MOLDAVITE with slice of Moldavite – **LOW Stock**


This bottle of Mark’s unique Moldavite Oil contains a small slice of pure energy healing Moldavite that Mark has worked on for many hours.

Moldavite Oil is a rare and unique oil inspired by a fifteen-year work in progress study. Through intensive psychic work and studies with the effects, reactions and experiences with thousands of clients by internationally acclaimed healer and founder of Pure Energy Healing Worldwide, Mark Bajerski.

Working with thousands of Moldavites and hundreds of sacred plants and spiritual tree oils from around the world this is the most powerful combination for Moldavite and pure sacred spiritual tree oil. The energy of the pure hearts of powerful healers and guided by spirit, this blend of powerful sacred & spiritual Peruvian tree extract oil is the most potent concentration of pure connection, heightening psychic attunement energy oil that has been created.

Each bottle includes one piece of pure energy healing working crystal Moldavite slice within each bottle which should be used daily to continue your psychic journey when the oil has been used up.

This oil has been blessed with the power of hundreds of pure energy healing moldavite crystals within the large jar it was created in. This then creates powerful energies, channelled by pure energy healers; sacred sound vibration of crystal singing bowls; love and guidance from the spirit world. It now contains a unique vibration from extraterrestrial, awakening and psychic energies.

Moldavite Oil is an extraordinary powerful oil and is highly potent and should be used in small amounts. It assists with raising spiritual awareness, heightening psychic abilities, strengthening your healing gifts. Also, recommended in deep meditation, guided meditation, mantra, astral travel, connecting to guides, connecting to the spirit world, connecting to extraterrestrial energies and also helps mediumship, clairvoyances, angelic workers and tarot readers.

This oil strengthens your mind, body and spirit, heightens attunement and helps you see a deeper understanding of life and your sensitivity becomes balanced and controlled.

It helps eliminate fears, worries and pressures from daily life helping to cleanse and clear away heavy and dark energies from the environment including toxic energy from technology, protection from negative and low vibrations of your own or others. This oil will help boost overall well-being of the body, heart and mind. Bringing instant wonderful energy to help lift your spirit and elevate your vibration so you can feel more balanced and empowered to connect and awaken your gifts. It can also be a powerful protection for professionals who work with the public: healing practitioners, massage therapists, instructors, teachers.

Place 3 drops onto your palm, rubbing your hands together and cupping them to inhale the beautiful and powerful aroma of the oil, then after rub onto the third eye, crown, heart and solar plexus chakras.

Please Note:

Grape Seed Oil is the base oil used in ALL  Spiritual Healing Oils.  Click here for further information on Oil contents.

The Abundance, Healing and Cleansing Oils all contain Almond Oil.

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