Pure Energy Natural Oil, 3 x 15ml – Healing-Heartache (Dropper Bottle)


Healing-Heartache Oil is a special oil inspired by a powerful channelled message from spirit. From the pure hearts of powerful healers, guided by spirit -this blend of essential oils is one of the most potent concentration of pure healing energy. Healing-Heartache Oil has been blessed with the power of love; pure energy healing crystals; masculine and feminine energies channelled by pure energy healers; sacred sound vibration of crystal singing bowls; love and guidance from the spirit world.

This unique oil is highly potent and should be used in small amounts. It can assist with relieving heartbreak or heartache in a number of life’s challenging moments, such as: loss of family member to Spirit World; parting from loved one; loss of a pet; losing someone we love; marriage breakdown; divorce; being let down by the one(s) we love; parting from loved one; not being able to see one’s children due to conflict or other painful circumstance; holding onto pain; struggling with grief; emotional suffering; stress and pressures from personal attacks; issues with friends; miscarriage; loss of a child; accepting a new journey without a long term partner or loved one.

This Pure Energy Healing-Heartache Oil helps to release heavy emotions; burdens; guilt; emotional pain and remorse. This beautiful oil brings forgiveness; acceptance and resolutions as it accelerates the healing of a burdened, heavy or aching heart. It soothes the heart to move forward to a new positive direction in life with new understanding and awareness. The Healing-Heartache Oil guides the heart to a new beginning; to start believing in and loving yourself; to encourage you to allow a new love into your life; to help you love again. The oil also helps to balance a sensitive person who is challenged with emotional fluxes; it is great for opening and awakening a less sensitive heart; it stops the cycle of negative thoughts and feelings; it helps to heal the past; release fears; emotional blocks; past life trauma and soul retrieval.


Place 3 drops onto your palm, rub your hands together and cup them to inhale the beautiful and powerful aroma of the oil; rub it over the heart chakra for the most powerful results, on your temples to help release tension, stress and worry; rub it over your stomach to release negative emotions.

Set of 3 x 15ml Pure Energy Natural Oil, Healing-Heartache (Dropper Bottle)

Please Note:

Grape Seed Oil is the base oil used in ALL  Spiritual Healing Oils.

The Abundance, Healing and Cleansing Oils all contain Almond Oil.

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