Pure Energy Oil – HEALING 3 x 15ml (Dropper Bottle)


Mark Bajerski’s Healing oil is a powerful oil to help your physical body repair faster. It works on clearing energy blocks in and around your life force.
Simply place a few drops near the area where you feel you have an issue. Gently massage the oil and feel the healing process. Place a few drops on your wrist. Place a few drops into your hands and breathe in the oil through your nose and exhale out through your mouth, releasing all the trapped negative energy. Repeat this breathe in/release about 4 or 5 times. This can be repeated in the morning and in the evening for greater affect.

Please Note:

Grape Seed Oil is the base oil used in ALL Spiritual/Pure Energy Healing Oils.

The Abundance, Healing and Cleansing Oils all contain Almond Oil.

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