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This stunning pure energy healing Pyrite Crystal has worked alongside me and it holds mysterious powers beyond our understanding. Pyrite is the crystal of abundance that works on a vibration that elevates your spirit self, awakening your heart and soul.

Once around you, Pyrite helps you to attune to what it is that you want in your life, what is important to you. This Crystal alleviates feelings of lack, depression, and anxiety as it holds the frequency of abundance, allowing you to experience more peace, happiness, and joy day to day. It is especially helpful in times when – due to conditioned beliefs – we feel held back or that we can’t move forward as Pyrite changes your vibration to feeling stronger and completely open to the understanding that anything is possible for you.  A wonderful Crystal to wear, therefore, when working on new projects, creative works, and new ventures.

Pyrite is a grounding crystal but it also allows you to fly! This is a great crystal of choice in meditation where you can place focus and intention on your heart’s desires.  Wearing Pyrite, your energy grows and blasts out a positive wave that affects everyone around you. Soon you will generate a powerful energetic vibration that will attract people to come forward who want to support and join your success.

Placing Pyrite close to your bed will help to reduce the mind-chatter and you will experience more peaceful sleep and positive dreams.  A very calming crystal for children who seem to be drawn to its energy.

On a physical level, Pyrite supports the nervous system and helps to alleviate symptoms of pain particularly issues with teeth, gums, arthritis, migraine, and gout.

I have found Pyrite to be a great crystal to combine with other crystals such as Citrine and Rose Quartz, and most particularly, with Brazilian Clear Quartz and Moldavite.

Overall, Pyrite is an amazing crystal that will elevate your spirit, allowing you to re-ignite the belief and understanding that you can create the life your heart most desires!

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