Rose Quartz – High Quality, Pyramid Set


Set of 4 x Rose Quartz Pyramid Room Crystals

These stunning pure energy healing working Rose Quartz Room Crystals have worked alongside me for many hours and each holds the healing memory to bring about love, comfort and protection into any room that you place these four crystals into the corners of.

Once placed, they blast out a positive energy wave that raises the vibration of the area and will affect anyone who walks into this room with an uplifting energy.

Rose Quartz holds a comforting energy and, once around you, you will feel a loving protection around you throughout your day or night. You will start to love yourself more and feel your inner strength grow. This Crystal brings into your life a new, warm and almost exciting feeling that something special is about to happen.

Rose Quartz has a gentle, loving energy that heals heartbreak and depression and is a wonderful crystal of choice when working to break through any addictions.  Its powerful energy works to clear deep trauma from past relationships. It will help you to forgive, to let go and to trust. Any feelings of loneliness disappear to be replaced with a sense of adventure as you grow to love yourself more and your self-belief grows stronger.

Rose Quartz Crystal is wonderful crystal of choice for children. With its calming and soothing energy it helps with feelings of anxiety and fear. Ideal  to help with sleep disorders and in overcoming sadness at night, bad dreams and night terrors.
Rose Quartz Crystal has a powerful, loving energy that will heal your mind, body and soul.

The healing memory will clear all negative thoughts and feelings, strengthening your whole core and healing your heart and mind to bring in a calm, peaceful and safe environment within and around you.

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