Rose Quartz ‘Gift of Love’ Set with Golden Heart Oil **Limited Special Offer**- complimentary Express DHL delivery included


Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It holds a most soothing, yet powerful, vibration that opens your heart to receiving love for your Self and for others.

This beautiful Rose Quartz ‘Gift of Love’ set has been lovingly created by Mark Bajerski and includes the most high-quality Rose Quartz Crystals for you to work with, along with one of Mark’s most powerful Healing Oils:

The Rose Quartz ‘Gift of Love’ set includes:

  • 1 x Rose Quartz Dreamcatcher
  • 1 x Rose Quartz Holding Crystal (ideal for use in meditation)
  • 1 x Rose Quartz Sphere Pendant (personally selected by Mark, similar to the crystal in the product image)
  • 1 x Rose Quartz Bracelet (as shown in the product image)
  • 1 x 15ml bottle of Mark’s Golden Heart – Pure Energy Healing Oil

This wonderful limited offer includes complimentary *Express DHL Shipping for you or a loved one to enjoy these carefully selected Crystals and Oil as soon as possible.
(*excludes any Customs Fees that may apply)

Further Product Information:

Rose Quartz Bracelet, Sphere Pendant and Holding Crystal

The stunning, hand made pure energy healing Rose Quartz bracelet, Sphere Pendant and Rose Quartz Holding crystals that are included in this special gift set, have each been worked on by Mark and each holds the healing memory to heal past love relationships and trauma.
Once around you or held in your palm, your energy grows stronger and blasts out a loving protection around you throughout your day.
Rose Quartz works on your heart chakra, bringing through a warm and exciting feeling that something special is about to happen. The vibration of Rose Quartz Crystal will help you forgive, yourself and others, and to let go of painful situations and to trust in your life path as you set an intention to move forward with optimism. You will be more gentle with yourself as a deeper understanding of self-love grows.
Any feelings of loneliness disappear to be replaced with the outlook of new adventures. Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal to work in healing heartbreak and depression.

Rose Quartz Dreamcatcher – High Quality Crystals

A beautiful Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Dreamcatchers is included in this set that holds a powerful healing memory to bring calmness while you sleep. The Rose Quartz will infuse the room with powerful waves of energy that clears away worry and fears and all the ‘what if’s?’ This Rose Quartz Crystal Dreamcatcher brings a soothing energy that allows you to be still and to feel a deep inner peace. It helps with help anxiety, calms the monkey mind and the constant worries, bringing your whole body energy into a deep and beautiful energy of trust that you are protected.

Rose Quartz Crystal is wonderful crystal for children. It helps with sleep disorders, particularly for anyone who struggles to sleep. It helps in overcoming sadness at night, bad dreams and night terrors.
This crystal Dreamcatcher will heal your mind, body and soul.

Golden Heart Oil

The powerful Golden Heart Oil is one of the most beautiful oils that Mark Bajerski has ever created. He is proud and honoured that, at this specific time in our lives, 2021, this amazing Golden Heart Oil has come to be.

Created for sensitive hearts and the true warriors of light in this world; for any person who feels isolated in a world where they believe they don’t ‘fit in’ or quite belong, the Golden Heart Oil specifically targets and works on strengthening the heart.
With its powerful and unique frequency, Golden Heart Oil holds a vibration that sends an energy wave blasting the heart continually with strength, support and positivity – day and night – depending on how much and how frequently you use it.
The magical blend in this Oil awakens the seed of light of the Warrior within, the Lion, and helps you become more powerful by way of sharing and speaking your truth. You will begin to walk your true path with much strength, allowing that you do not fear any judgments or the opinions of others. This oil clears away and heals the burdens you carry from past life; it clears away suffering, trauma, deep-rooted abuse of any nature. It also helps in so many ways to raise your energy and spirit, when you feel down, lonely, sad or fearful. If you think you are falling ill or feel poorly, physically, mentally or emotionally, this powerful oil will strengthen your heart which in turn strengthens the immune system and supports in clearing disease from the body. Golden Heart Oil is truly magical and holds the energy of miracles and inspiration to live from the heart and at your highest vibration.


Place 3 drops onto your palm, rub your hands together and cup them to inhale the beautiful and powerful aroma of the oil; rub it over the heart chakra for the most powerful results, on your temples to help release tension, stress and worry; rub it over your stomach to release negative emotions.

Please Note:

Grape Seed Oil is the base oil used in ALL Spiritual Healing Oils.

The Golden Heart Oil also contains Jasmine Absolute (Egypt).

Click here for further information on Oil contents.

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