Rose Quartz ‘Tree of Life’ Dreamcatcher, Large – High Quality Crystals, Mark Bajerski Latest Collection


This latest collection of highest quality, Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Dreamcatchers with Tree of Life design, has been worked on lovingly by Mark Bajerski. They each now hold a powerful healing memory to bring calmness while you sleep, blasting the room with powerful waves of energy that clears away worry and fears and all the ‘what if’s?’

This Rose Quartz Crystal Dreamcatcher brings a soothing energy that allows you to be still and to feel a deep inner peace. It helps with help anxiety, calms the monkey mind and constant worry, bringing your whole body energy into a deep and beautiful energy of trust that you are protected.

Rose Quartz Crystal is wonderful crystal for children. It helps with sleep disorders and is wonderful for anyone, child or adult, who struggles to sleep. With its soothing energy, it helps in overcoming sadness at night, bad dreams and night terrors.
This Rose Quartz Crystal Dreamcatcher will bring healing to your mind, body and soul.

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