Sacred Detox Tea (3 x 100 gm) – Sage, Dandelion and Horsetail


In this time of challenge, Mark channelled a message from Spirit to help support those who were unwell after taking toxic substances directly into their body and who came to him for advice. This channelled message from Spirit, showed Mark images of a Horse’s head, Dandelions, Sage and a Root. From these images, the Detox Tea came to be.

Mark discovered wild herbs in Andalusia that are organic, non-GMO, free from pesticides and toxins. He set to work channelling the ideal blend of these herbs – Sage, Dandelion and Horsetail – and began his pure energy healing ritual, placing hours of healing memory into this healing combination. Once happy with the energy within the herb mix, Mark placed the herbs within a Moldavite Singing Bowl to receive a high spiritual vibration that will help awaken, clear and strengthen the pineal gland which in turn helps a deeper connection to spiritual practice.

Important information: Herbal teas are available in numerous blends and flavours and come with different benefits. Some herbs will cause no known side-effects, while there are other herbs that should be taken only under professional supervision.
If you wish to use herbs and herbal remedies to help with any health condition, even if these are minor ones, it is recommended that you always consult your doctor. Teas/herbs that may be entirely safe for some people to consume, may cause serious side effects in others. Please read information provided under each Herb in the product description section below.

People who should NOT TAKE this Herbal Tea:

  • Women who are pregnant, who want to become pregnant or who are breast-feeding.
  • Children under 18.
  • People who have a history of allergies to plants, unless a doctor suggests otherwise.
  • People who are taking diuretics, on diabetes medication, who are on blood thinners or who are taking antiretroviral drugs.
  • People with heart or kidney disorders, diabetes or gout should not use Horsetail.
  • People with IBS, Gastroenteritis, Stomach Issues or hypersensitive to vegetables.

Additional Precautions:

  • For Dandelion, do not take if you have an allergy to Daisies, sensitive to the Asteraceae/Compositae family (eg ragweed, marigold, daisies and others). If you have these allergies, check with your doctor.
  • Avoid Dandelion if you have kidney disease, are taking a diuretic or certain antibiotics.
  • Horsetail contains nicotine – avoid if you have a nicotine allergy or are trying to stop smoking.
  • Horsetail contains Thiaminase which, over long-term use, can lead to vitamin B1 deficiencies. Do not exceed the recommended dosage as described under ‘Usage’.
  • Recommended to stop usage and do not consume this tea at least 2 weeks before any scheduled surgery.


Mark recommends taking the tea 2 to 3 times a day; once in the morning and one to two cups during the day. As Horsetail contains nicotine, it is suggested to not have the Detox Tea any later than 6.00pm in the evening.
The tea should be taken for a period of 7 to 10 days only. Then take a break for at least 7 days before repeating the usage if needed. Herbs are powerful and should be used in moderation.

To draw out the best properties from this beautiful mixture of herbs, it is recommended to boil and simmer one measure of this tea, 3 times throughout the day. A small amount of the tea mix is all that is required, about two teaspoons.

Preparation of Tea:  Place a measure of the tea mix (about 2 teaspoons) into an infuser and place into a glass container or teapot that will hold about 1 – 1.5 litres of water.  Fill the glass container or teapot with boiling water and allow the tea to simmer for about 20 minutes. You can drink this tea mix, once cooled or warm, as you prefer.  You do not need to consume all of the tea right away and, instead, you may wish to repeat the process as a ‘top-up’ and draw out further properties from this mix.

To do this, it is recommended to re-use the same measure of tea mix already in the infuser, with freshly boiled water topping it up, once or twice more during the day. Re-using the same tea mix means the drawing out of the best healing properties of the herbs, goes deeper and deeper. This ensures you can enjoy optimum healing and cleansing benefits from the tea mix, throughout your day.

A small amount only is needed and using a large pint vessel, cup or glass is highly recommended.
You can also do a 2 to 3 days detox using this protocol and all green fruits and vegetables in those days.  Do not exceed more than stated dosage per day.

Pure Energy Healing Detox Tea contains a blend of Sage, Dandelion and Horsetail.
Note: There is a lot of information widely available on the uses, benefits and precautions related to the Herbs contained in this tea.  Below is a guide to only some of the more common traits etc., though this is not an exhaustive list.  People with existing health conditions should consult their health care provider before use.

SAGE: rich in anti-inflammatory, health-promoting nutrients (eg Vitamin K, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper) and antioxidant compounds, relieves pain, fights infections, promotes oral health, eases symptoms of menopause, beneficial for depression, dementia, obesity and to lower risk of cancer.

DANDELION:  full of potent antioxidants, protection against cellular damage and oxidative stress, fights inflammation, provides immune system support, purifies the blood, supports and protects the liver, bones, rich source of vitamins and minerals.

HORSETAIL: acts as a natural diuretic, promotes wound healing, improves skin, hair and supports bone health, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

This purchase includes 3 x 100 gm Bags of Pure Energy Healing Detox Tea with DHL Complimentary Shipping included (excludes any Customs Fees that may apply).

Note: The information provided in this post does not constitute medical advice and should not be substituted for medical advice. Please consult your health care provider/medical practitioner etc before taking herbs. Further information.


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