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This stunning pure energy healing Shiva Stone crystal has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to bring in a beautiful inner peace.

Shiva Stone is a very grounding stone that works on all chakras. It supports your energy in moments that may be particularly challenging by bringing through an energy that balances you, strengthens you and enables you to feel calm. You will feel a protective energy surrounding you and so it is a very useful stone if you feel under attack from negative entities, spiritually speaking; or feeling threatened by words from nasty people, fear of curses etc., then wearing a Shiva Stone, you will find that your frequency vibrates at a very grounding and powerful vibration to support you.
Shiva Stone works very well for anyone suffering from anxiety attacks, worries, fears, phobias or feeling under attack from negative entities attached to themselves or within their homes. 

Shiva Stone brings a feeling of space and calm and works beautifully with Rudraksha beads in meditation for perfect balancing energy. It is a great Crystal to lay on points of the body such as the stomach or around the crown chakra. Shiva Stone emits an energy in meditation where you feel an opening to all that is positive, along with its protective energy that keeps negative energy out. This has the immense benefit of enabling you to meditate more deeply to activate your spiritual awareness to the highest levels of balance and clarity.

Shiva Stone helps you find your true purpose and path and the energy to keep going, trusting that you are on the right path and so ideal for anyone feeling lost or confused. Once on or around you, your sense of appreciation grows. Your life finds a beautiful flow and balance which creates inner peace and harmony.  Shiva Stone is wonderful to boost overall vitality and feelings of calmness – it is a powerful Crystal that emits the energy of protection, cleansing, balance and clarity. 

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