Shungite ‘Tree of Life’ Dreamcatcher, Large – High Quality Crystals, Mark Bajerski Latest Collection


This latest collection of highest quality, Shungite Healing Crystal Dreamcatchers with Tree of Life design, has been worked on lovingly by Mark Bajerski. They each now hold the healing memory of protection against harmful EMF’s from mobile phones, computers, airport scanners etc.

The Shungite Crystal Dreamcatcher is a great addition to have in your work or living space. It blasts out a powerful energy wave that not only counter-acts bad and dangerous EMF waves but also absorbs them. It helps with restful sleep for both children and adults. This crystal clears blocks and negative energies within and around your body, relieving feelings of stress to help balance the emotions.
As an excellent grounding crystal, it relieves anxiety and helps you to find more clarity. Shungite also helps with issues in lower back and kidneys.

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