**Special Offer** 12 Sage Smudge Sticks plus a FREE Petrified Wood Jasper, Crystal Sphere – DHL Delivery Included


Special Offer Purchase includes:
12 x Sage Smudge Sticks
1 x Petrified Wood Jasper Crystal Sphere (selected personally by Mark Bajerski)
Express DHL Delivery, Worldwide*
(*excludes any customs fees that may apply to your shipment if outside of EU).
Limited offer – 30 sets available

Sage Smudge Sticks:
Use Sage Sticks for best results morning, afternoon and before bed.
Light the Sage stick at one end only. Once the Sage smoke is released begin at the bottom of your feet moving in circles around your whole body, energy field, aura, life force.
Move slowly upwards to the top of your crown chakra. The recommendation for time is anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes, depending on if your energy feels heavy or light.
In difficult situations such as attacks or challenging healing sessions, it is vital that you smudge yourself down as quickly as possible. Saging close to the skin has the healing benefits to remove bacteria.
The Sage Smudge Sticks in this set have been grown and wrapped, California, USA.

Petrified Jasper Holding Crystal:
The high quality Petrified Wood Jasper Holding Crystal that you will receive has been worked on by Mark Bajerski and holds the healing memory to ground you and to bring through a new energy of peace. Once around you, it’s energy blasts waves of deep healing and spiritual awareness that you can instantly feel, clearing away all fears and the ‘what ifs’. Your life becomes more open to Mother Nature and your body will crave a healthier lifestyle. This is a wonderful Crystal to work with when going through times of change in your life as it helps you to maintain a positive outlook.

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