Agua de Florida Kit (6 Bottles) – includes complimentary DHL Shipment


Agua de Florida, known for its use as a shamanic cleansing water,  is a special blend of alcohol-base with mother nature’s plant extracts of  rose, cinnamon, orange flower, bergamot, neroli, lemon, cloves and lavender; though there is so much more within these bottles.

Mark Bajerski was introduced to this amazing cleansing mix by Shamans that he has worked alongside in many countries. Mark came to realise that the mix in this bottle of Agua de Florida is beneficial for cleansing and the clearing of trapped energy, blocks and deep traumas.
Agua de Florida clears the chakras and power points, awakens the intuition and strengthens awareness.
For this collection, Mark has placed pure energy and crystal healing, along with sound therapy energy, into each bottle which makes these bottles of Agua de Florida that much more special in frequency, vibration and healing.

For full-time Healers this Agua de Florida kit should last approximately 2 years. However, if you simply use these for personal use then they should last approximately 4 to 5 years.

Purchase includes 6 x bottles of Agua de Florida & *complimentary DHL Courier shipment (*excludes any customs fees that may apply).


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