**Special Offer** – Amethyst & Black Tourmaline Duo Pendant Offer (Pendants selected for you by Mark Bajerski) includes Express DHL delivery. Use this link only!**


Two beautiful Crystal Pendants on  SPECIAL OFFER!
This wonderful and very limited special offer includes two powerful Crystal pendants:
– 1 x high-quality Amethyst pendant  PLUS
– 1 x high-quality Black Tourmaline Pendant
Place your order and both Crystal Pendants will be selected personally by Mark Bajerski for you. NOTE: The chosen Crystal Pendants will be similar to what is seen in the product image. Both Crystal pendants will arrive on a ready-to-wear cord.

A beautiful Gift for you or one to share with a loved one!

Express DHL Delivery included
(*excludes any Customs Fees that may apply)

Amethyst: The stunning Amethyst pure energy healing working pendant that you will receive has worked alongside Mark and now holds the healing memory to connect you with a deeper spiritual energy and connection.
Once around you, your core strengthens and your energy points become increasingly sensitive to the most important energies you need to work with. Your life will clear away negative energy and people who have and could cause you any issues. This crystal helps protect you and keeps you focused, bringing a powerful protection against negative people and energies.

Black Tourmaline: The stunning Black Tourmaline Crystal that you will receive has worked alongside Mark and holds the healing memory to clear negative thoughts and grief from the loss of our loved ones to our Spirit world. Once around you, it works on clearing deep sadness and suffering and burning away all the “what ifs?” to allow you to reconnect in a new way to your loved ones. It also helps with all forms of negativity from anyone who causes you stress and anxiety. This amazing Crystal helps you to move forward  with your life and brings through a deep inner peace to support you.

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