**Special Offer** Mount Shasta Opal, Rare Specimen – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


This stunning and mysterious Mount Shasta Opal holds deep power to help elevate you to a new psychic experience. It sends a positive and powerful wave around your aura and many people experience the numbing effect which is the vibration to help you prepare for and enter into a most amazing Astra travel, meditation and healing experience.

Once around you, your energy field strengthens and protects you from negative energies. Amazing crystal to help those not yet aware of magic. If your partner is stubborn and a non-believer in Spiritual work, this crystal helps to awaken and see past the mundane path of eating, sleeping and working.
If you practice yoga, sports, and any kind of body movement this crystal helps open your physical and spiritual self.  Mount Shasta Opal works amazing with Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond. A most magical crystal that keeps on surprising me.

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