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This stunning pure energy healing Sugilite crystal has worked alongside me for many hours and holds the healing memory to awaken your psychic abilities and healing powers.

Sugilite holds a very positive energy that helps release negative blocks, feelings of sadness, fears and worries that are weighing you down.  It brings through your inner confidence, enabling you to embrace life and to keep your inner flame bright, especially when it feels as though, all around you, is trying to bring you down.
Sugilite has a high vibration energy that makes you feel as though you can rise above any negative situation. Once on or around you, you find that you have the strength, trust, and validation to follow your intuition, your gut feelings, and to remain determined on your path. This crystal clears and chips away at all the old energy that affects your clarity, to expose your true powerful energy.

Sugilite is an amazing crystal in healing or intuitive work, for use in meditation, yoga and mantra work, as it amplifies positive energy that strengthens the healing within, the greatness and the gifts you hold within you.
As it carries such a potent positive energy, Sugilite is an ideal crystal to work with at times when you feel down, lost or unsure about your life or life ‘plan’. It helps you to move forward beyond the mind-chatter, the what-ifs and feelings of doubt, to simply trust in your path and a knowing that everything is, and will be, as it should be. If you are lacking self-worth or self-belief through negative thinking or harshness from others, wearing this Crystal will start to restore your spirit, lifting your vibration to start believing in yourself once more. You will understand more and more that you are all that you ever need to be.

Physically, Sugilite works on strengthening all parts of the physical body, nervous system and the immune system.

Sugilite is a beautiful and very powerful crystal for raising your vibration and elevating you to feel inner peace, self-love, confidence and freedom.

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