Super Seven – High Quality, Divine Moment Collection by Mark Bajerski


This stunning pure energy healing working Super Seven pendant holds the healing memory to clear negative energies from within and around your body. It will heighten your awareness, helping you achieve a most positive and powerful connection with your intuition and psychic abilities.

Once around you, your energy becomes stronger and you will feel amazing, happy and have a new sense of protection and love. Super Seven holds an abundance of energy allowing you feel as though a weight is taken from your shoulders, fear leaves the mind, it clears the heart from pain and suffering. It helps to ground you and allows for a peaceful flow to come into your life. Working with this crystal will help you learn more about your Self and your journey and, bit by bit, you will grow stronger on your path.

A perfect crystal for meditation, yoga and mantras. The signs become clearer and you will feel an amazing abundance of Universal flow and peace. Overall, this stunning crystal is perfect if you are walking a new path of deeper understanding, learning psychic work and all forms of energy and healing work.

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