Tarot Follow-On Workshop – Online Zoom Workshop April 2nd @ 3.00PM Madrid, Spain time – Mark Bajerski


The ‘Tarot Follow-On Workshop’ is ideal for and has been created for those who have already completed Mark Bajerski’s 10-hour Tarot Course.

Since the launch of Mark Bajerski’s Online Tarot Course, Mark has been overwhelmed and grateful for the extremely positive response to this course by participants.

In his Tarot Follow-On workshop, Mark will dive a little deeper into the journey of Tarot and also address practical questions provided by you (as a previous participant who has completed the 10-hour Tarot Course). These questions may relate to guidance on how to look deeper into the Tarot cards, attuning to psychic abilities and building your confidence and the connection between you, the reader, and the cards.
If you plan to attend this workshop and would like to have some specific questions addressed, please email your questions to info@markbajerski.com with subject title ‘Tarot Follow-On Questions’.
Important: Please only provide bullet point questions. Lengthy emails are not necessary and may not be selected. Thank you for your understanding. Please submit your questions on or before Saturday 2nd April by 1.00pm Spain time.

For further information on this workshop, please read the important information below under product description.  Course Prerequisite:  As this is a follow-on workshop, participants of this event must have already completed Mark Bajerski’s 10-hour Tarot  course.

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