Tektite Pendants, **Limited Special Offer – Buy One, Get a 2nd Tektite (Small) Free!** while stocks last – includes DHL delivery. Use this link only!


This wonderful and very limited special offer includes two powerful Tektite Crystal pendants:
– 1 x medium to large-sized Tektite Pendant on a sterling silver chain PLUS
– 1 x small-sized Tektite Pendant gifted by Mark on a ready-to-wear cord .

Please note that Mark will select the 2 Tektite Pendants that are included for you in this purchase and they will be similar to what is seen in the product image.

Express DHL Delivery included
(*excludes any Customs Fees that may apply)

These powerful Tektite Crystals have worked alongside me and each holds the power to absorb any dark and negative energy from in and around you.

Tektite holds a powerful protection against people you come into contact with each day and your inner flame will grow stronger. You will feel different sensations of healing and your body and spirit will awaken. Worries and fears simply burn away and you will begin to be in control of your beautiful life’s journey so that you can enjoy your path to inner peace and happiness.

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