Tourmaline, Rubellite (Namibia) – High Quality, Grade AAA, Rare Specimen


This very rare specimen Tourmaline Rubellite from Namibia, Africa was discovered 20 years ago and is highly sought after by Collectors.
Mark has worked with this beautiful Crystal and it now holds the unique energy to protect you and your life force from negative forces, dirty energies and your worries and fears.
This crystal has a powerful energy of positivity which helps your body temple function in balance and harmony.
Clearing anxiety, depression and stress, it helps clear deep rooted trauma and helps heal your physical issues.
This crystal also brings you to a very high vibration for working alongside our Spirit World – ideal for Healing practitioners or anyone wanting to begin a healing path. If you are a practitioner or involved in Spiritual work – psychic, tarot, clairvoyant, Angel reader etc – this crystal will be a perfect companion.
All in all, this rare crystal will help you in hundreds of ways to achieve enlightenment along your journey home.

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