Vanadinite **Special Offer** – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


This stunning Vanadinite pure energy healing crystal has worked alongside me and now holds the healing memory to clear painful memories of past. Once around you, your inner flame grows stronger and you will begin to heal yourself.
Vanadinite helps you to connect to your higher Self where mind, body and spirit work in balance and flow. Wearing Vanadinite as you work through challenges, helps to keep your outlook positive and builds your confidence to know you can handle any outcome.
Vanadinite works on a high frequency. It is a great Crystal to wear if you are feeling low as it will raise your consciousness to reconnect you to your inner flame, your power. It protects against lower, negative energies. This is an ideal crystal for teenagers or young adults to help support their personal growth and be stronger in their truth, particularly if they are struggling with addictions as a result of suffering any kind of abuse.
This crystal is wonderful to wear when detoxing or doing a parasite cleanse of the body as it also helps heal toxicity from the body, along with cleansing from addictions such as alcohol addiction and pharmaceutical drug addiction. This crystal helps heal the liver and kidney as well as heart disease and cleansing of the blood. A powerful healing wave continues to work throughout the day and night if you decide to keep it on.
Spiritually and physically, Vanadinite has a great energy when working on the heart; healing, strengthening, cleansing and clearing any issues to work on restoring balance.

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