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This stunning pure energy healing working crystal has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to help untangle the deep pain and suffering of psychological traumas, bringing through an energy of calm and strength. It works on clearing away anxiety, helping you to de-stress and restores inner peace.

A wonderful Crystal for use in meditation and mantras. Helps with sleep disorders and chaotic lifestyles where it counterbalances your energy to avoid burnout and stress. Variscite works on the energy of acceptance to bring you back to a healthy and balanced body and you begin to make better choices to support a healthier life.
Great for healing symptoms of mind issues, affects from stroke, loss of memory, this is a great crystal to wear; healing and balancing and giving energy to the mind to restore a healthier balance.
A great crystal for children and animals, who may benefit from its calming effect.

Variscite works really well alongside the calming energy of Rose Quartz and wearing it with Amethyst will result in a more heightened experience in meditation. Variscite also works really well with Copper in detoxifying, cleansing and clearing pain from joints, shoulders, neck and back where you will find it eases discomfort.  A great Crystal to use with Mark’s Pure Energy Cleansing Oil.

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