Vesuvianite – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


This stunning pure energy healing working Vesuvianite Crystal has worked alongside me and now holds the healing memory to protect against negative people, creating a powerful energy vibration that allows inner peace to flow throughout your life force.
This amazing crystal heals deep emotional trauma. Once on or around you, your power points begin to strengthen and feeling more balanced becomes part of everyday life.
Vesuvianite is an amazing crystal for children who are bullied, feeling down or who suffer from lack of self-worth.
This crystal supports healing from migraines, liver and kidney disease and clears the blood of toxins and heavy metals.
Vesuvianite is also a powerful crystal for psychics who work with Moldavite, as together this unique combination are both high vibration to work alongside Healers, and with a most amazing frequency that creates a strong connection in spiritual practices.

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