Watermelon Tourmaline, MB Designed Setting – **Limited Special Offer Collection selected by Mark Bajerski


**Limited Special Offer Collection selected by Mark Bajerski in MB Designed Setting**

This stunning pure energy healing working crystal has worked alongside me on many occasions and have now been mounted into a pendant. The pure energy within helps in bringing a new lightness of love, peace and happiness.

Once around you, your heart will become stronger so that you may conquer any past heartbreak, suffering or abuse. Inner peace will enfold into your aura which in turn will create a most powerful light within that will shine over everyone you meet. Your heart will feel connected with your higher self and you will feel amazing, balanced and clear.

Watermelon Tourmaline helps you relax, find your way, trust in others and yourself to make the correct decisions from the moment you wear it. This is a beautiful crystal for spiritual work, meditation, yoga and is a deep protective crystal which is also amazing for anyone who is pregnant.

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