Mark Bajerski’s ‘Pure Energy Healing Academy’, Mijas Pueblo, Spain – where magic happens!

In May 2015, Mark Bajerski was delighted to realize one of his greatest dreams as he opened the doors to his very own spiritual teaching academy in Spain.
The ‘Pure Energy Healing Academy’ is truly one of a kind and provides a positively charged and peaceful space for the many spiritual workshops, retreats, circles and events that Mark hosts there right throughout the year.

Mark explains why he opened the Pure Energy Healing Academy:

“For the past 11 years, working full-time as a Pure Energy Healer, I’ve experienced many amazing miracles and spiritual awakenings, all of which are deeply humbling and I am grateful to have witnessed,” says Mark.

“Currently, there is a very important shift happening across our world. More and more beautiful souls are awakening to their own amazing powers of healing and spiritual connectivity. They are seeking support and guidance along this path of awakening. For a number of years, my spiritual retreats have been in great demand, both in Spain and around the world. In line with my vision, the Healing Academy provides the perfect environment for me to offer ongoing spiritual guidance and support to those on a spiritual journey. Through a variety of retreats and programs, I help others to heal painful issues that can create blocks to more peaceful living. I help each attendee to make that deep re-connection to their own inner power and to become the best healer that they truly already are!”

What does the Pure Energy Healing Academy offer?

“One of the key goals of the Pure Energy Healing Academy is to offer a space and time for people to practically reconnect to their own inner strength, faith and power so they can more confidently face and overcome personal and life challenge,” Mark explains. “The programs at the Academy  are offered to small groups of usually no more than 6 people, ensuring that the healing and explorative experience is deeply personal and highly beneficial to all in attendance.
“The 3 and 4-day programs are all designed to provide an abundance of healing, love, guidance and support. With a focus on self-empowerment through a deep re-connection to Self and the abundance of support and love that is available to each one of us, I guide attendees on their journey within. Each person begins to rekindle the inner spark, no matter what their current life issues may be.”

Who should attend the workshops at Mark’s Pure Energy Healing Academy?

The workshops are open to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Whether you are entirely new to healing and only embarking on your spiritual path or, indeed, if you already live and work as a healing practitioner, all Mark’s teachings are designed to help each individual to uncover the vital keys to his or her deep personal healing and spiritual growth. Mark has an uncanny ability to see individual strengths and will work with you to enable the most powerful pure energy flow through you. This is why Mark’s work is unique and differs from that of other teachers and healers – his gift and entire focus is to identify and show you your unique healing gifts/style. The ability to bring your personal gifts to the surface is undoubtedly the most powerful teaching.

“As we are all at different stages along our spiritual journey, the retreats and programs are offered at different levels of intensities – to provide clarity and be as enjoyable as possible for everyone. I’m really excited by the response and uptake of the retreats. It’s very heart-warming to have such great attendance and I love sharing all my experiences and secrets with each wonderful soul that joins a retreat. With more and more pure energy healers discovering their gifts, the future is very exciting indeed!”

Where can I find more information about Events and Workshops held at the Academy?

Joining Mark Bajerski at his Pure Energy Healing Academy, not only provides you with a life – transforming experience and the benefits of deep healing; you will also discover the powerful ability we all possess to heal ourselves, others and the world around us. Through his unique and powerful spiritual workshops, Mark shares his own personal discoveries and experiences that have earned him the reputation as one of  the most effective and sought-after healers in the world today. All events – online and in the Academy – are updated regularly to Mark’s Event’s page:  See Upcoming Events

What past attendees have shared about their own experiences:

Those who experience Mark’s highly-acclaimed 4-day Pure Energy Healing course always depart with a new understanding about who they are and of their own amazing unique gift for channelling pure energy. Mark’s programme gently facilitates the awakening, healing and self-realisation that will enable you to regain control, balance, optimism and renewed strength in your life. The testimonials speak volumes about how life-transforming Mark’s healing sessions, circle events and workshops consistently prove to be.

“The energy in the academy is hard to describe, just being there is healing and comforting.” – Annette C, Crystal Masters Program, Oct 2015