About The Pure Energy Healing™ Academy

About The Pure Energy Healing™ Academy

The Pure Energy Healing Academy is a spiritual and healing academy offering practitioner and online trainings. Founded by Mark Bajerski, who teaches his transformational Pure Energy Healing practice and method. The Academy offers certificate courses for aspiring healing practitioners; programs for personal healing goals; retreats and events. Exclusive workshops for select corporate clients are offered in partnership with the New Success Co.

The programs and courses provide deep healing with personal and powerful insights to help people embrace who they truly are. Pure Energy Healing Academy empowers each client to discover their own inner strengths and gifts, and lead life with purpose. Clients are guided to trust life; to understand how to handle challenges; to let go of any blocks and painful circumstances and move forward in life with optimism, with love in their heart and peace of mind.

Pure Energy Healing technique helps people heal their body, mind and spirit by elevating their spiritual growth; finding their passion; living life with gratitude, peace and happiness.

With over one thousand practitioners worldwide, Pure Energy Healing is expanding globally. Pure Energy Healing is not only a practice, it’s a way of life which aligns heart, mind and soul.

“My life is filled with inner peace and I see joy in everything. To help others to experience this beautiful inner healing is what I am here to do.” – Mark Bajerski, Founder, PEH Academy