Four days to begin living from the heart and finding joy in who you are!

Welcome to The Pure Energy Healing Academy and Mark’s powerful 4-day program.


Take the first step to a more joyful life – become the most powerful Healer that you already are!

Deep healing and awakening your inner flame.

This begins by becoming more aware of your past and all that you have been through. Hidden memories that may have become trapped and have been holding you back. It is a time for release as these blocks come to the surface but with new understandings and clarity.

It’s time to let go, clearing away past issues to create a beautiful, light space to move on with your amazing life.

During the 4 days of the Pure Energy Healing Masters program, you will begin to deeply recognise that your healing gifts are, and have always been, within you. You have always held this power within to self-heal.

On this journey, Mark guides you as to how to tune into your self-healing abilities to help you face, with confidence and trust, whatever challenges life may bring. An energy of strength, calm and an understanding in ‘all is as it should be’ will become apparent and you will discover your intuitive healing ‘tools’ to help you grow daily along your spiritual journey.

As you feel the inner healer within growing stronger; you learn to channel the most amazing and powerful healing energy you have ever felt. In these moments you begin to realise how we are all deeply connected. Receiving this new healing energy, you willingly open your heart and healing gifts to the beautiful souls who now come forward to you for help and to share in this healing experience.

During these four days your heart opens. Your mind clears from anxieties and worries and you become reborn into a new world; one which looks beautiful and feels magical. You begin to truly live and to wake up happy for no other reason other than feeling blessed to be here. Deep inside you know that now you are finally on your true spiritual path of inner peace.

What past attendees have to say about the Pure Energy Healing Masters Program


Overview of what to expect over the 4-day Pure Energy Healing Masters Experience:

Day 1:

On Day 1, Mark will provide an intense and guided teaching on self-healing, the first vital step towards becoming a Pure Energy Healer. Cutting the cords of any negativities and clearing away issues, will leave the participant fully energized and open to a much deeper Spiritual Connection.

              • Introduction to Pure Energy Healing: a uniquely effective channel where deep healing occurs.
              • Clearing and Cleansing: Breaking down walls/barriers and removing negative beliefs.
              • Self-Healing: Enabling Spiritual connection to allow deep self-healing to occur.

Day 2:

Day 2 prepares participants for the practice of healing others. In understanding how energy works, how to attune to those energies and how to work with them reveals a powerful new way for each participant to help themselves and to help heal others in overcoming painful challenges.

              • Intense learning and understanding on working with different energies.
              • Effective Spiritual attunement: deep connection to inner spiritual source allowing for an open flow of pure energy healing.
              • Developing Healing intuition and recognizing where healing is most needed.
              • Identifying the most powerful connecting points for channeling healing.

Day 3:

Day 3 Level 3 Masters will provide participants with an overview on tools of divination that aid in deep healing. The day will focus heavily on intense and practical one-on-one healing sessions.  A gentle and safe environment will be provided where participants can apply their learning through practical, hands-on healing sessions. Mark will be guiding each participant as they work as Pure Energy Healers with a number of invited guests.

              • Greeting your guest, connecting to his/her energy to facilitate a powerful energy flow.
              • Attunement to Spirit to facilitate as a channel for pure divine healing to occur.
              • Mark will provide guidance throughout all healing sessions.

Day 4:  Working as a Master in Pure Energy Healer

Day 4 provides participants with the answers to the question ‘What now?’  Each participant will receive practical advice and guidelines on how to begin life working as a Pure Energy Healer. With over 10 years working experience Mark is one of the most sought-after healers in Europe. Based on his own personal experiences, from life as a highly successful Auctioneer to full-time Spiritual Healer, Mark fully understands how starting-out can feel overwhelming and a big step for many. This day offers participants all the advice and support needed to take that step and fly!

              • Pure Energy Healer: how to begin.
              • Key secrets, highs/lows, what to expect?
              • Practical tools and guidance to overcoming obstacles.

BOOKING CONDITIONS: To reserve your place, please fill out the booking form below. A non-refundable booking deposit of €150.00 euros is kindly requested as part of this booking process. The remaining balance is required to be paid 2 weeks in advance of your scheduled program start date (a payment request will be issued to you in advance).

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The price of the 4-day Pure Energy Healing Masters program is €800.00 euros. This is a non-residential program and this price covers attendance to the program only. Price does not cover additional personal expenses such as flights, airport transfers, accommodation or meals.