Crystals are natural gifts of healing energy. They amplify energy and emit waves of vibration of healing, cleansing and balance. Crystals have been used for millennia as healing and shamanic tools to bring peace, harmony and happiness. There is nothing quite like the vibration of crystals, which is in between a stone and water. Human body is made up of water and since water is of crystalline nature, crystals soothe and heal us. Crystals help us heighten our gifts and intuitive awareness. They are living entities and as such they can change over time and store memory. This memory can then be retrieved when we learn how to work with and use Crystals.

A Pure Energy Healing Crystal is a Crystal that has been worked with in an energetic way and through the Art of Pure Energy Healing for numerous hours and sometimes months. Each crystal in Mark Bajerski Store is hand picked and placed in a Pure Energy Healing room where it gets energized and activated by channeling the Pure Energy Healing. Depending on the healing energy which got channeled and worked through this Crystal, it will be the memory retrieved. This will be in the description of each Crystal in Mark Bajerski Store. You can browse through our Collections and let the Crystal choose you. It will be the right Crystal for you and your path.

Gift yourself a Pure Energy Healing Moldavite and discover why it’s one of the most favoured Crystals in Spiritual Awakening.


Choose a Pure Energy Healing Crystal from our Collection, for PROTECTION, HEALING, LOVE, EMPOWERMENT, INTUITION


Each Pure Energy Healing Crystal has a unique property. 
Let the Crystal choose you.



An excerpt from THE POWER OF MOLDAVITE, a new book by Mark Bajerski

Around 15 million years ago we were blessed with the falling of what is now known as the most powerful crystal in our world – moldavite. No matter how many times I have worked with it on my clients over the years, it has never failed to amaze me: it is like no other crystal in terms of power.

It holds a memory of extra-terrestrial energy, and the power to help us see and feel beyond all that we are. Once we are near it, it often gives us the feeling that there is something wrong with us; we begin to experience new shifts and an altogether different energy running though our very core. It can make us feel as though we are coming down with flu – having cold shivers, burning up and so on – and it can also make us feel so very heavy, to the point that we often take it off. However in my experience, it’s always best to just go with it, as I truly believe that whatever the experience – or even if perhaps you feel nothing – we should bear with it. It always soon passes and at that point, you sure feel different.

For healers, moldavite can awaken so much when it is placed on clients while they are asleep and this always blows me away. I can’t help but love to work with this amazing, powerful crystal.

Sadly, 90% of the supply of moldavite is now fake from China. There are a few dealers in the Czech Republic who are the real deal, but even then I was once scammed by one from there. My website has a beautiful range of genuine moldavites.

Always remember you don’t need to go by their size. I truly believe the only way to buy a moldavite is to let the right moldavite choose you. Never rush your journey with moldavite and never have great expectations – that is the most grounded way to begin your friendship with this most powerful crystal.


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