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Monopoly - Mark Bajerski - Pure Energy Healing Academy



To me, life is like the board game Monopoly.

We start off all excited with friends and family around us, but many soon find themselves watching to see how everyone else is doing. Some fall on hard times, then good times; some win a little and then lose, falling out with family and friends, making mistakes and at times heading to jail. Some gamble, while others get greedy, relishing their power over weaker players – even wanting to control them. People who are losing have to fight to win back what was once theirs and was taken from them; some win everything and watch others suffering because of this. Some see smiles, anger and sadness – and at times even enter into an energy of cheating in order to end the game.

But why?

What have they learned?

Many lose sight of the one true reason they started playing in the first place, which was to play a simple game and have fun along the way.We should never lose sight of life and why we came into this beautiful world, dear friends. We should never take “life” too seriously and we must enjoy every possible moment. Above all we must never, ever, stop looking for happiness along the way.


Mark Bajerski

Healer of Hearts


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