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My Special Place - Mark Bajerski - Pure Energy Healing Academy

My Special Place

My Special Place

I woke up this morning and went to my special place, where I meditate and send healing to the people who touch my life. I began to recall my past and the memories of a caring, sharing, loving and deeply sensitive sister and as a smile crossed my face, I began to relive some of those memories.

At times I laughed and at times I cried. She was a good sister and I said to myself, “She really did love me and she helped me through so many things – such as my pain and fear at school; she spent many nights filling in my homework because she was so gifted. She had great intelligence and I was burdened with dyslexia, which of course my teachers then did not understand.

I remembered the chocolate bars we shared together, the nights when I followed her singing path to finally make it onto TV in ‘Opportunity Knocks’. I recalled holding a newspaper cutting of her with two famous TV stars giving her an award for Nurse of the Year; I also reflected on all the times when she was in pain – she woke up one morning with a huge abscess on her face and was rushed to hospital; I remembered all the moments we shared in the Mormon church.

The kindness of my sister is beyond understanding. She has never missed a single one of her friends’ birthdays; she sends everyone – and I mean everyone! – a card. Anna Maria Bajerski is my sister and I am so, so proud of her. She puts everyone else before herself – and that’s possibly why she has been through so many great challenges. But, dear sister, I just want you to know on this, your birthday: I wouldn’t change a single thing about you. You’re the best sister any brother could wish for.

I love you.

Happy birthday sister. ….



Mark Bajerski
Healer of Hearts

Gifting Love and Kindness Eliminates Fear

Gifting Love and Kindness Eliminates Fear

Gifting Love and Kindness Eliminates Fear

Share this post if you believe in Kindness more than fear.

Today I have decided never again to get involved in this Media Circus, the fear that is deliberately spread which I can now see is so infectious and heartbreakingly addictive to the point I just want to say ” friends please stop and don’t be pulled into this fear darkness ” !,

Today I vow to raise above all this negativity on Social Media, and I will not allow these fear posts and the what if’s and fear articles about what could happen take over me.

The Real truth is that billions of beautiful Caring, Loving and Amazing Souls that are on this planet today, we so easily brush them aside as if they don’t exist and are not counted for anything.

We are beautiful Souls who care for one another, who love and spread love daily.

I will not let this darkness and fear forcing energy to take over my happy day and world. I will stand high for my beautiful and amazing brother’s and sister’s. I will not allow the media poison to spread. I want you to remember that 99.9 percent of humans are amazing people, people who would give there last penny to help others, people who hold there hand out when they see others fall, people who work day and night to help make a difference in this world for their children; who feed and protect their children at the same time giving to charities around the world to help people who need help, who create miracles each day, who do the most amazing acts of love because they, like YOU, have beautiful hearts. I see mothers and fathers getting up and making a difference all around the world each and every day.

Today stop believing instantly and start to question what you’re being told – our Media deliberately tries to separate you from me.

My beautiful friends, we are all in this world together, we are all brothers and sisters, I see only love in you. Yes there may be a handful of dark hearted souls trying everything they can to have you believe that you need and should always live in fear but you know deep inside if you ask, it’s all a lie because they know fear SELLS easier than kindness at this moment.

The only way you can stop this infectious poison is by standing up and saying SHUT UP AND NO MORE LIES !!
We are not sheep, we can and do see and feel the truth each and everyday with our own hearts, in what we do and what we see in our surroundings,. We live our daily lives in truth and not this fear based propaganda which is daily force fed down our throats on Social Media – TV – News Papers and Blogs.

So today, I ask you to join me and lets counteract this fear by spreading love and helping others through kind and caring acts. Someone has to break this pattern and today WE are going to make a stand for the greatest energy this world needs to feel, and that is love filled with kindness.

So from today each time I see a fear post I will counter act it by doing something positive, something good for my brothers and sisters, and in doing so I will send a message back to show the world that we are beautiful Souls and will not be fooled into fear.

” Gifting Love and kindness is the only way to live ”

Help us Spread this message by Gifting Love to counteract the fear being Spread by doing one act of kindness for someone today……

” Love and happiness is the only way to live ”

Mark Bajerski
Healer of Hearts.


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