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The Most Beautiful Soul

The Most Beautiful Soul

In the eyes of Spirit, you are the most beautiful living soul – more perfect than life itself. The strength inside you is endless; your love is pure beyond all understanding. Your life is simply one amazing flow of learning and adventure, and happiness is your ultimate goal. Spirit knows your challenges, because they agreed to walk with you every step of the way. Spirit also agreed to stand right beside you with each breath you take so you see, when life becomes challenging, Spirit just smiles. With their boundless love for you, they never, ever walk away. No matter what you may have done or what you may be going through, our loved ones and family in Spirit  will always, ALWAYS be there with a helping, loving hand to lift you back up and sleep by your side.  You, my beautiful and amazing friends, are never alone.

A message to all our new light workers.

I was holding someone in my arms who was in deep pain. I knew she had received her calling to help Mother Nature and Spirit, and her tests had begun.  I looked into her sad eyes and saw a true person, filled with so much love and a heart so beautiful and sensitive.  As I gently held her, and tears rolled down our faces, I whispered, “Your heart has proven its worth and Spirit has chosen you to help her. As you walk along this, your new path, you will be challenged many, many times until you conquer your tests – but you WILL conquer them. One of these tests you are going through right now is indeed one of deep pain, yet once you conquer it, it will bring you the most powerful strength inside yourself.

“In the beginning, once our light starts to shine, we encounter darkness which claims to be the light. People will say many painful words which you and I – and all the other light workers – will recognise as dark energy. You will encounter people, whom you once believed to be friends, who will attack your new way of life. And, my beautiful friend, you may also encounter the most painful hurt when even your loving family may turn against you.”

“Yes,” she replied, nodding. “This is what’s happening, Mark. I am in so much pain.”

“Dear angel of the light,” I told her. “Don’t fear your pain and suffering for in the end, your healing will be your truth. Your actions will show your undying love for Mother Nature and Spirit. This is your answer and all you need to live by – by living your truth you will show others that this path is indeed your calling, our calling and the whole world’s calling. One day they will see because YOU helped them to see.

“This is nothing personal or against you, beautiful angel, as I meet thousands of light workers experiencing the very same scenario each and every day – and I did too, for many years until I finally learned my lessons and realized it was I who held myself in this very same pain.  Remember, dear angel, actions speak louder than words, so go out into this world with the knowledge that you, my beautiful soul, have been chosen to do Spirit’s work and help Mother Nature bring the light back into a world that so needs it.

“Once you conquer this test – and you WILL conquer IT – you will stand on top of your mountain and smile inside so brightly. You will then realize that this test made you the light that you are about to become.  Never let other people’s fears, doubts or jealousy imprison you along your path of enlightenment. You are far more beautiful than this, so be the stronger one and show them your faith: smile in the face of darkness and say, ‘Darkness cannot be where true light shines.’

“Now shine on.”

What our world so desperately needs is light workers … so what is a light worker?

A light worker is someone who conquers fear by believing their own happiness is far more important to this world than just their own self; someone who sweeps their own doorstep and still has the energy to sweep others during dark times. A light worker’s time here is so important; they know that just a simple smile helps to raise our world from complete darkness into light. Light workers are warriors of the light, using the law of universal energy exchange as a daily ritual. A light worker is kind, caring and loving, and always lives and works from their heart.

If you’re reading this one message today – out of the millions that are posted – then smile, dear friend, because Spirit has just brought you here to remind you that you – yes you – are indeed a most beautiful light worker.

Thank you for being you.


Mark Bajerski

Healer of Hearts


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