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Three Stages to Enlightenment

Three Stages to Enlightenment

There are three stages to enlightenment that I have come to understand and this helps me to find my balance.

For me, the first stage is hearing, feeling or seeing something so beautiful and profound that it resonates instantly deep within me. It’s that ‘OMG’ moment; the kind of feeling that it all makes sense – similar to finding the last missing piece of a jigsaw that you thought you’d lost for ever.

Secondly, it’s sharing this new message to the world with either written or spoken words daily.

Finally, and for all of us, it’s putting into practice the words and energy we first felt, making our life fill with the inner enlightenment we always knew we had but only truly realized when we first heard or felt those special words that resonated so deeply within us.

Remember, what resonates within you is your truth and ultimately, actions always vibrate more highly than words….so let your actions lead you to your inner happiness as this always leads to your enlightenment.

Now go and show the world your truth and shine your beautiful light.


Mark Bajerski

Healer of Hearts


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