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Two Types of Teachers

Two Types of Teachers

On this, our journey, I have come to know two types of teachers. In the first group are the ones who always have a vested interest in your success – but resent it when you become too successful! They always want recognition for making you the success that you are, and you must always seek their approval before you share any Spirit-channeled messages from your heart to the world. They want you to think and always ask yourself what your teacher would say and do. These are the teachers who always want you to stay in the safe energy of their comfort zones, in order to satisfy their own shortcomings as teachers.

Then there are the teachers who recognize your gifts and encourage you to outshine theirs. They are the teachers who ask you what you feel and what your heart is telling you; the kind that rejoices in the knowledge that you will fly so high and live in happiness to help others in this world. They are the teachers who would always encourage you to listen to your heart and never, ever doubt yourself. They say they never taught you anything – only encouraged you and all the gifts inside you to shine. These true teachers never expect anything from you except your love – and every now and again to share your adventures over a coffee and a chocolate!

The choice of teacher is always yours, so good luck everyone along your new journey of enlightenment. They say when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears, but I believe that when the teacher is ready, the pupil appears. If you are a teacher then please remember: sometimes, you just may learn more from your pupil than you actually have to give..


Mark Bajerski

Healer of Hearts


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