Pure Energy Healing™

Pure Energy Healing (PEH) is a natural gift of healing we all innately have within us. Pure Energy Healing is channelled by the Healer only when they are fully healthy in mind, body and spirit and open to receiving the highest form of vibration that is in and around us. PEH Healer assists their client to transform the energy vibrations surrounding them to clear away negative and low vibrations, creating positive energy flow. A Pure Energy Healer does not heal, he or she steps aside and allows for the beautiful divine energy to transmit to their client so they can receive the gift of healing and heal and empower themselves. A Pure Energy Healer enters into the Pure Energy Healing mode, facilitating channeled energy that can heal ones life force, life energy and help the body to repair and strengthen itself.

The most important aspect of Pure Energy Healing is to clear away all that is no longer needed in the physical and emotional body to allow the client to reawaken their self healing power.

Pure Energy Healing clients have reported feeling uplifted in energy; a deep sense of new openings or possibilities that are now available to them. They experience the feeling of happiness and peace which they can recreate ongoingly and have a new perspective of the future, feeling like a weight has been released and the darkness changed to lightness. There are so many ways in which the Pure Energy Healing can assist the physical, emotional and mental body. Whether psychically or on deep painful emotional level linked to current or past life. Pure Energy Healing can remove painful blocks and help you restore your balance and find inner peace.

Those who have experienced Pure Energy Healing remark on how very relaxed they feel during the healing session. It is not unusual for a client to experience a wonderful, warm, positive energy and to experience colours of amazing light. The hands are a vessel for healing and, often, feelings of warmth or pins and needles will be experienced.

For some, lightness, heaviness, or physical movement can at times occur due to shifts of emotions; a euphoric of the opening of the heart, or through the tears of letting go, releasing blocks and issues; or even experiencing slight physical pain for a short while as that very pain energy is burned away through Pure Energy Healing. It is not uncommon that many people fall into a deep sleep – the P.E.R.S.P; Pure Energy Restorative Sleep Pattern. Pure Energy Healing is completely safe, non-invasive and an energy force that is immersed in divine love and light.

Become a Certified Pure Energy Healer:

Once you decide to walk your new path of healing and Spirit (i.e. your family in our Spirit world has gently led you to this new and very beautiful form of healing), through Mark’s love and guidance your life will never look or seem the same again. Should you wish to live and work as a dedicated healer, get ready to witness the incredible miracles of your unique healing gifts in the hearts of your own clients.

Mark now hosts life ­transforming workshops at his Pure Energy Healing Academy, Mijas Pueblo, that will provide you will all the guidance and practical techniques needed to become the greatest healer that you already are!

Receive/Gift Distance Healing:

Mark channels Pure Energy Healing to many clients worldwide on a daily basis through ‘distance healing’. As a gifted and intuitive healer, Mark works deeply with Spirit sending an energy of deep healing vibration to you or to a nominated person or animal. Through Mark’s deep connection to Spirit and working as a highly­ gifted Healer for over a decade, you will receive distance healing no matter where in the world you are situated. The divine intention and vibration of pure energy healing knows no boundaries.