Work On Yourself

Work On Yourself

If you want someone in your life to truly love with all your heart, then you must work on yourself, looking at all your faults – but even more so, you must look at all your amazing gifts. Do you love yourself right now? If yes, then get ready for your own slice of magic. If no, then come on! Let’s look at ourselves and start to focus on who we are and why we are here.

Yes of COURSE we want to be able to love someone with all our heart; yes of course we want someone to love us with all their heart, but how can we love someone like that if we don’t feel that very same love for ourselves? We need to start with us – with YOU.

You are so very beautiful and don’t please ever feel you won’t meet someone to love who will love you back. Climb your magical mountain today and with each breath and each step, know that you are working on YOU to be the most beautiful soul you can be. Learn to feel love with an inner joy of happiness and to feel strong enough to get to the top of this, your mountain. Once you get there – and you will get there – you will shout: ‘I did it. I am so happy with myself.’

That’s when your energy flies out and touches more beautiful souls which are attracted to your new inner power and happiness. Remember: you are amazing; you are beautiful; you are everything you ever needed to be.

Now go and climb that magical mountain today, and watch all your dreams come true. You will love and you will be loved – that’s a promise to each and every one of you who has been led to read these words from Spirit today.


Mark Bajerski

Healer of Hearts


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